• Auto-calibration
  • 4ch microminiature & high precision weight sensor is installed to measure weight distribution precisely
  • Accuracy: 99%+
  • Maximum measurable weight: 150kg * 4ch
  • Wireless module (Zigbee) is installed to support wireless DATA transition (possible for both cable and wireless)
  • Built-in 2ch touch switch installed to operate the analysis program using a club
  • Possible to check weight distribution data through the exterior display
  • Battery and recharging cable included

XBALANCE knows more about your swing than you do

For serious golfers and professionals, XGOLF offers XBALANCE, which enables you to analyze your weight distribution during your swing. When used in conjunction with XGOLF's swing and video analysis (XBIRDIE), you will see one concentric view of ball, body, and club measurements

Imagine the possibilities of measuring just about every single element of your swing!