• Pitch automatically changes based on lie
  • Uphill, downhill, or sidehill
  • Up to 35°
  • Manual control option for training
  • Display panel for slope, motor condition and encoder value
  • Emergency operation in case of automatic control problem
  • Supports up to 1320 lbs
XPLATE is a revolutionary invention in lie changing simulation. The XPLATE system is only available with XGOLF!

Feel the course with XPLATE

In a real golf course, you don’t always have the perfect flat lie. In XGOLF, even the fairway and the green is 3D modeled. This means that the ground has slope everywhere. The XPLATE system detects the ground slope and automatically adjusts the slope to give you even more realistic experience. You can also manually adjust the slope to practice uphill, downhill and sidehill lie shots.