XGOLF Pro Simulator

NOTE: This is ONLY intended for right handed golfers. If you are left handed, please check out XGOLF i2.
Includes *XPLATE and *2 Hi-Speed Video Capture Programs
Also available is XBALANCE*

*Items can be sold separately. Call for details.

IN Sensor

Back spin is calculated by using angle of approach, club head speed and the contact point.




Side spin is calculated by the horizontal escape direction and the exact impact angle which is measured by tracing the horizontal club path. 3 light-curtain sensor are used to trace the horizontal club path.


OUT Sensor

The tilted sensor measures the ball speed and the launch angle. The floor sensor measures the ball direction and the speed(secondary).



Accurate launch angle measurement

To measure the accurate launch angle, especially when the ball is on the tee, the system takes into account the current tee height as well as the detected pass through point.





8 Channel impact sensor measures the exact impact point location and the power of the impact. The impact point indicator shows where exactly the club head hit the ground.