• High performance 3D Graphics \ Physics Engine (Unity)
  • Patented image sensor technology
  • The only simulator in the world with a 3ch camera sensor system and impact sensor
  • Realistic replication of golf shots including The * Perfect * Short * Game
  • A world class, web-based exclusive swing analysis system
  • Various world’s famous golf courses
  • Caters for Left & Right handed golfers

Never misses shot data and realistically expresses various ball flights

The X-Golf ZES creates advanced technology using a high speed light sensor system by applying faster and more stable sensors and controllers to the existing system. These heightened sensors raise the reaction speed of the simulators when reading each golf shot while increasing the measurement accuracy.

The X-Golf ZES has 'zero error' on any registered shots through 320 high speed light sensor elements broken into 4 lines. Those 320 light sensors measure 50,000 times per second and simultaneously with the 8ch impact position sensor recreate the most realistic golf shot possible.