• High performance 3D Graphics \ Physics Engine (Unity)
  • Patented image sensor technology
  • The only simulator in the world with a 3ch camera sensor system and impact sensor
  • Realistic replication of golf shots including The * Perfect * Short * Game

Experience the X-Golf EYE's remarkable short game accuracy via its precise ball spin measurement abilities.

The X-Golf EYE simulator is pioneering the way for camera based golf simulator by upgrading the existing 2ch camera sensor system being used by most simulator makers to a 3ch camera sensor system at 2,000 FPS.

This ensures greater accuracy in detecting ball spin, direction, speed, and launch angle therefore replicating various ball flights more precisely than ever before. In addition, the X-Golf EYE adds an impact position sensor to the camera system and creates the world’s first impact sensor camera system. Combining these two systems strengthen the appeal of the X-Golf EYE as it enables the detection of fat and topped shots.

High speed image camera system

In short, the X-Golf EYE is based on ‘image sensor technology’ and directly measures the 3D trajectory and rotation from rotor of ball. Utilizing the system’s ball rotation-trajectory software which detects and tracks features of rotor image preprocessing rotation/trajectory, the system measures:

  • Ball Speed
  • Ball Direction
  • Launch angle
  • Back spin
  • Tee height
  • Club impact (eg. Fat shot or top)
  • Side spin

The X-Golf EYE is easy to install and reduces the limiations of any simulator environment. This in turn reduces installation time and costs while allowing the hardware to be fixed to almost any surface.