• High performance 3D Graphics \ Physics Engine (Unity)
  • Patented image sensor technology
  • The only simulator in the world with a 3ch camera sensor system and impact sensor
  • Realistic replication of golf shots including The * Perfect * Short * Game
  • A world class, web-based exclusive swing analysis system
  • World’s famous golf courses
  • Caters for Left & Right handed golfers

Combine this with the only 64 bit software on the market and you have a incredibly powerful simulator on your hand.

When Accuracy Matters

Through the combination of high-speed light sensors and cameras, the X-Golf NEX system is the most accurate simulator in the world when it comes to gauging ball direction, speed, spin, and launch angles in 3 Dimensions. This high performance premium golf simulator is perforct for the advance golfer who values the replication of all shots as if there on the real course.

World's Best 3-D measurement ability

Different than existing golf simulators, the NEX, is the only simulator on the market that can perfectly replicate the fade, draw, hook, slice, pitch, chip, and high/low shots with technical excellence. Futhermore, the sensor structure of the X-Golf NEX is designed to be used for both left and right handed golfers switching between players with ultimate ease. The NEX also provides its users with the best lesson and club fitting system by synchonising data of swing video, club movement, ball rotation, weight distribution data via only onetime swing analysis platform and is especially useful for lessons and club fitting.